About the Blog

When I was a kid, I used to collect postcards sent by loved ones.  Their notes at the back usually ended with this line, “Wishing you were here!”  Once pinned on a corkboard, I prayed that I set foot on these distant places and take pictures just as seen on these glossy prints.  Little did I know that God was listening.

I’d pass up on souvenir shirts, key chains or any novelty items in a touristy shop. And I find myself standing by a carousel of postcards and admiring scenic views with a been-there-done-that grin.

Since I will run out of frames and consoles to showcase my collection, here you see a selection.  Ten picks for a destination…Wishing you were here!

PS.  Thank you, MVW and OC for your encouragement and for helping me get this blog started.  This means I can tick one item from my bucket list.

About Cameras and Photography

Gone are the days when you carefully compose photographs so as not to waste a roll of 36 exposures.  Have it developed.  Wait and check on how the prints turned out.   Place them in an album like a scrapbook.  Frame one or two to be displayed on a console.  Now all you need is a handy camera and a memory stick (sometimes you bring an extra) with a mega capacity to store hundreds of photos…click…click…click away!

My first digital camera is a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P8.  Its pocket size makes it easy to carry around and keep in the purse.  Having a 3.2-megapixel quality is good enough to take pictures of family and friends and order 4R prints.  It’s mostly set on VGA so I could take more photos and it’s quicker to upload and share thru email.  A few years after, I upgraded it to a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T300.  It has a higher megapixel CCD and a wider LCD screen, which enables me to review my shots well and encourages me to take more pictures.  It’s slick…well, at least when it was first released.

Not too long ago, affiliates of the Light Bender Club convinced me to level up, i.e. buy a DSLR.  I settled for the Canon 600D, known as the best DSLR at entry level last year.  And so some of the more recent posts come from my latest gadget.  I am still getting acquainted with my new toy, but I am grateful to AF for patiently teaching me the skills and pushing me to go manual.  Whilst this novice takes on the challenge, I continue to share photographs from the archive…point and shoot cameras do take good pictures, you know!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Jing! You are such a gifted artist. Looking at your shots allows me to experience the places that you set foot on. I can see, hear, touch, taste, and smell the beauty captured in your stick. Thank you for me bringing me to those places. Wish I was there…and I wish that God is also listening…

    1. Thanks, Joan. I am pleased that you appreciate the photos as if you are in the same journey. I’m sure your wishes are heard. If you look back, you’d realize the countless trips you’ve already taken…and there’s more ahead!

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