Chihuly Bridge of Glass

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What’s in Tacoma? Someone was quite taken aback to hear where I’ve been and asked me this question. Well, a circle of friends met up in Tacoma and I tagged along – glad I did! Tacoma may not be in one’s top cities to visit in America, but it does have a gem worth seeing.

From downtown Tacoma to the Museum of Glass, we crossed the Chihuly Bridge of Glass. It highlights the works of glass artist Dale Chihuly in his hometown. His large-scale art pieces are found in different parts of the world, mostly in known museums, hotels and city, botanical gardens.  Tacoma rightfully deserves to host his beautiful creations.

Cleverly located above Route 705, the main freeway passing through the city, the footbridge holds three Chihuly installations. The Crystal Towers are at the center and each tower has 63 large crystals that are illuminated. Hence, they glow in the dark. Closer to the museum is the Venetian Wall with over a hundred sculptures, individually glass-cased.

And my favorite is a 50-foot long glass ceiling, named the Seaform Pavilion. Thousands of varied colorful forms come alive through natural light. You wouldn’t even know how long you’ve been looking up until you realize that you have yet to see the museum and time is running out! Charge it to your museum experience then!

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