Busan Street Food

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Like having the thrill of eating in country fairs, street foods in Asia are a part of the local scene and a must-try for any traveller.  A quick bite and easy on the budget.  Fried, steamed or grilled.  It’s all about comfort food.

When in Busan, just wander in Seomyeon Alley and Gukje Market and surely your appetite builds up.  There’s the perfectly golden Gamja Korean-style corndog, Boong-uh-ppang goldfish pastry with red bean filling or the Busan version of Hottteok sugared pancake with sunflower seeds.  There’s the piping hot Oddeng fishcake skewers or Ddeokbokki spicy rice cake skewers.  Either you follow that umami aroma, be enticed by Ajuma’s charm at her stall or jump in the long line for the most popular street food in town.  Jalmukesumneda!  Eat well!

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