Gamcheon Village

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Hi!  It’s been a long while since I’ve posted.  Obligations and distractions got in the way, although the love for travel photography remains faithful and true.  I do have photos uploaded and queued up to be shared…and so am kicking off the year with images from  the last trip I had with my favourite travelling buddy, my sister.  It’s her birthday today.

We booked our trip to Busan months ahead, but with our hectic schedule, we only planned our itinerary whilst waiting to board at the airport.  Heard about Gamcheon Culture Village from a friend and decided that’s priority.  And so, Day 1 was a walk through the steep and narrow alleyways of prismatic Gamcheon.

For a challenge, grab a map from the Tourist Information, which is only a few feet away from the bus stop.  Accumulate stamps from different stations – be it a gallery, an artwork or a view deck.  If you miss a mark, no sweat!  There’s plenty of murals and sculptures as well as boutiques and street food to behold and appreciate.

Getting There By Public Transportation

Take Subway Line 1 (accessible from Busan Station) to Toseong Station.  Come out Exit 6.  Turn right at the intersection and walk straight until you see a hospital on your right. The bus stop is right in front of the hospital.  Take either Bus 2 or 2-2.  This will take you to Gamcheon Culture Village at top of the hill.

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