The Arashiyama Walk

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Taking the Arashiyama Walk is worthwhile when in Kyoto. It is exactly what you need if you’re exhausted from following a hectic schedule. Time seems to stand still in Arashiyama. As you alight from the JR Saga-Arashiyama Station, make your way to the Katsura River. Crossover a landmark, the Togetsu-kyo Bridge – also known as the Moon Crossing Bridge. You may go all the way to Horin-ji Temple or just sit by the riverbank whilst listening to the gentle gush of the water and warming your face in the morning sun. Other paths may take you to the Hozu River, the Kameyama Park, other temples like a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Tenryu-ji Temple and Kyoto’s signature sight – The Bamboo Grove (This deserves its own post). Though guide maps are helpful, getting lost in Arashiyama can be beguiling. So, put that map down and just follow that butterfly!

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