GK Enchanted Farm

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You might have heard of Gawad Kalinga, a foundation that aims to build communities and end poverty in the Philippines. It is an organisation highly recognised for assisting and caring for the poor, especially when a calamity hits the country. A result of its movement is a place called GK Enchanted Farm. It offers tours on Asia’s first farm village university and serves its produce in a buffet lunch. And so we recently took our balik-bayan friends there, an opportunity to see it ourselves. Oh, wow! It is quite an experience! You’d be in awe as you witness how a small act of kindness can indeed create great impact. You’ve got to go. You have to meet the farmers, the volunteers, the community and hear their stories…the GK story.

GK Enchanted Farm

California Street, Pandi Angat Road,

Bulacan, Philippines



2 thoughts on “GK Enchanted Farm

  1. Now you make me want to go! Send me details of how to go about visiting the place. I would like to take my sis-in-law Juliet & her husband.

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