Mt. Cloud

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Believe it or not!  Cross my heart!  I am not a geek!  But, truth be told, I do love the sight of books!  A room full of shelves.  Shelves full of books.  Books full of information and inspiration.  Entering a library or a bookstore can be exhilarating!  And I was absolutely smitten when I stepped into Mt. Cloud Bookshop.

Tucked in a boutique hotel in the Upper Session Road, it is a treasure trove.  You can easily lose track of time as you browse through a fine selection of children’s books, travel books and Filipiniana books displayed on wooden shelves.  This quaint nook will drift you away from traffic jams, malls and the sprawling commercial spaces in Baguio.  And if Baguio is part of your childhood, then Mt. Cloud will definitely take you back to the old Baguio you’d prefer it to be.

One thought on “Mt. Cloud

  1. Gosh I would love to see this place! Like you I love books! This can be one of the reasons I will go up to Baguio 🙂

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