Iloilo I

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A week ago we were traversing through the towns of San Joaquin, Miag-ao, Guimbal, Tigbauan and the city proper in Iloilo.  A week ago we were walking around historical landmarks and churches including Miag-ao Church, the UNESCO World Heritage Site.  A week ago we were feasting on grilled scallops and sizzling crabmeat in Tatoy’s and Breakthrough.  A week ago we were munching on Biscocho Haus’ biscocho, PJ’s butterscotch and La Paz Bakeshop’s ube brazo.  A week ago we were celebrating God’s goodness and generosity!

Iloilo is one of over forty provinces in the Philippines that are devastated by Super Typhoon Haiyan.  Its current state is unimaginable, incomprehensible.  We think of our acquaintances – Delfin, Tony, Ernalyn, Third, Noel, Jojo and Christine.  We sympathize for their losses whatever they may be.  We pray for their safety, for their survival and for God’s mercy.

Romans 12:12 – Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

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