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Having over fifty thousand mango trees that produce the sweetest mangoes in the world, Guimaras is better known as the Mango Capital of the Philippines.  An easy access to this island is a fifteen-minute pump boat ride from Ortiz and Parola Wharfs in Iloilo.  And as soon as one docks at Jordan Wharf, the mango fever breaks out!

When in season and during the Manggahan Festival, one pulls-over and tries the fresh ripe mangoes from an array of fruit stands along the main road.  But even off-season there’s mango piyaya, mango biscocho, mango otap, mango bars, mango jam and dried mangoes from the Trappist Monastery and the Pasalubong Center to taste and bring home.  The mango pizza in the Pitstop restaurant is good, too.

While on the island, climb up to the Guisi Lighthouse and its ruins, the second oldest lighthouse in the country or climb down to Sadsad Falls.  Hire a boat in Raymen Beach Resort to go island hopping and explore Natago, Ave Maria and the Turtle.  Then sip a glass of mango shake as you chill by the white beach.

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