The Origami Museum

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Surely many of us have made paper airplanes at one point – be it keeping kids preoccupied or joining the most aerodynamic competition ourselves.

Though different countries hold tradition of paper folding, the Japanese takes it to the highest and most sophisticated level.  It is used in ceremonies, exchanging gifts and expressing good luck.  Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding started in the 17th century and is popularized around the world today.

If you ever make a stopover at the Narita International Airport, check out the Origami Museum in Terminal 1.  It has over 400 exhibitions ranging from the typical paper cranes, dolls and flowers to the unconventional Santa Claus and Pinocchio.  This year the museum displays dioramas of Eastern and Western folktales.

It will inspire you as well as your children, young nephews and nieces to grab sheets of colored square paper at Daiso or a Japanese store in your neighborhood and start a new hobby.

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