Life of Christ

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In celebration of Easter, I thought of posting these images from the Life of Christ.  These photos were taken in Wintershall Estate, Surrey a few years ago.  The Estate is the setting for the open-air theatrical performance Life of Christ that has been running since 2000.  It has a cast of over two hundred that include sheep and horses performing at different areas in this vast property.  Act I is on a hill.  Act II is by the pond.  Act III is on a slope at the other side of the pond.  Act IV is back on the first hill.  And the Final Act is by the lake.

Seeing the Life of Christ in Wintershall is a whole day affair.  It begins at ten and ends at four.  Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.  Bring a hat or a parasol, a portable chair or a mat and most importantly, a fully loaded picnic basket.  There are five performances in June this year.  Check out more details at  At this time of the year, various platforms around the world stage the greatest story ever told.  Have you heard of His Story?  Take this opportunity to know Jesus and may you be blessed.  Happy Easter!

“I am the Resurrection and the Life.  He who believes in me will live, even though he dies…” John 11:25

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