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A quick check on things to see and do before flying to Bacolod City, Mambukal Mountain Resort ranks the number one attraction in the TripAdvisor site.  This highly recommended vacation destination is located at the foot of Mt. Kanlaon, an active volcano and the highest in central Philippines.  It only takes an hour from Bacolod City proper to Murcia and you’re set to have an R & R amidst nature.

Mambukal, which means hot spring, may have everything you expect in a natural resort – sulfuric dipping pools, swimming pools, a boating lagoon, a butterfly garden and of course, the spa.  For the adventurous, there’s wall climbing, zip lining and canopy walking.  Accommodation ranges from pitching tents, booking a hotel suite and to renting a cottage although a day-trip will suffice.

Because of its God-made design, Mambukal is beyond stereotypical.  It is a habitat for thousands of fruit bats.  You only have to look up at the foliage and you’ll spot on these flying foxes either hanging upside down or soaring in circles.  The humming sound of the waterfalls seems to drown the noise out from the visitors and so the bats remain undisturbed.

Mambukal also offers a path to a series of seven waterfalls.  One has to register by the guard post at the start of the trail first.  A guide voluntarily assists without charge, but a tip is appreciated.  He probably can make it to the seventh waterfall under an hour without you.  At times the paths are not passable, especially after a heavy rain.  The hike gets steeper and rougher the farther you go.  Your knees are about to be challenged!  Consider it an accomplishment if you only make it to the third or even the first!

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