Capital Museum

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Are you staying in Beijing a bit longer?  Is the weather too cold or too wet?  Do you like arts and architecture?  Then see Beijing Capital Museum.  The building itself is an art piece.  It’s modern and yet the details in design imbibe Chinese history and culture.  Wide gradual steps are at the main entrance.  An archway from the Ming dynasty takes the center-stage in the lobby.  The stone-made wall is like the ancient city wall.  A massive bronze cylinder cuts through the glass and stonewall, depicting the unearthing of its collection.

Capital Museum has a collection of over two hundred thousand cultural artifacts.  That is rather small for a museum in China and in a way it is not overwhelming.  These relics are mostly dug up in the capital.  Porcelain.  Jade.  Bronze.  Calligraphy.  Paintings.  Furniture.  Buddha statues.  On the top floor traditions and celebrations in a Chinese life are showcased from the first to the seventieth birthday, a wedding, Lunar New Year, parades, theatrical performances and all the happenings in a hutong.

Book a ticket online or bring your passport.  Entrance to the museum is free.  It’s at 16 Fuxingmenwai Dajie, Xicheng District.  Take Muxidi Station, Subway Line 1.

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