Cagayan De Oro

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Thanks to domestic airfare promos, traveling around the Philippines has become more affordable and enticing.  As I hit the sale, it doesn’t matter where I am going.  All I want, given a short time frame, is to book a flight.  “CDO is open,” the lady behind the counter exclaims.  “Okay!  I’ll take it!”

What’s in CDO?  Not much as I am told.  It’s your connection to Camiguin or to Bukidnon.  That’s all.  With a bit of research, here’s what I have learned…you can only claim that you’ve been to Cagayan De Oro if you’ve gone whitewater rafting.

Whitewater rafting is all about rhythm and timing…like dancing.  The river takes the lead and you follow.  Know the basic steps.  Forward.  Backward.  And stop.  Listen to the beat.  Shift your weight between your feet.  Arms open and hands on the paddle.  Not too tight.  Not too loose, either.  Maintain the right resistance.  Keep conversing with your guide, while at the same time, look out for potential collision.  And now paddle!  One…two…three!  One…two…three!  Push and pull. Toss and turn.  Twirl and whirl.  Then, flip and dip.

My DI (dance instructor) to river rafting is Guide Yuri of Bugsay.  Passionate about the sport, the river and the people of CDO.  You are in good hands if you have him as a coach.  He responds to the inquisitive.  He is loaded with stories.  And he makes sure you take home profound lessons about man and nature.

In between the twenty-one rapids is a slow dance.  It’s a rest from the upbeat tempo.  At this moment, you become more intimate with God’s creation.  Blazing sun.  Cumulus clouds.  Lush trees.  Refreshing water.  Boulders.  Rocks.  Corals.  Wildlife.

So, here comes CDO and is asking you, “May I have this dance?”

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